Make our brilliant star tree topper.
Star Tree Topper
Credit: Beth Dreiling Hontzas / Styling Scott Martin / Food Styling Rebecca Kracke Gordon, Pam Lolley

You will need:
• star pattern (check your computer for this symbol, and then enlarge to desired size―ours is 20 inches wide)
• 1⁄2-inch-foam core board, big enough to accommodate size of star
• pallet or craft knife
• tartan fabric, big enough to accommodate size of star plus 2 inches in both directions
• Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue
• T-pins or flat head straight pins
• ribbon, long enough to cover the perimeter of your star, plus 1 foot
• awl
• 3 large jingle bells
• custom buttons in various sizes and colors (enough to cover front of star)

Using the pattern, trace the shape of a star onto foam core board and cut out with a craft knife.

Brush one side of star with glue and cover with square of fabric, placed on a 45-degree angle. Once dry, turn star over and trim edges so that they extend 1⁄2 inch around perimeter of star. Cut 5 slits at inner points of star to make folding easier, fold edges over and glue.

Paint back side of star with glue, and repeat process described above. This time, when folding edges, take care that they do not extend to the front of the star. Glue in place and pin if needed. Allow fold to dry. Glue 1⁄2-inch-wide ribbon to edges of star, using one length to go all the way around the perimeter. This will hide any rough edges and folds. Pin at both inner and outer points.

Punch two holes, at least 1-inch apart, through the center of the star with an awl. Thread ribbon through jingle bells, knot to secure, and then thread ribbon through holes, knotting again on the backside of the star. Trim ribbon length as needed.

Pin buttons to the front of star. To make your own buttons for this project, use a kit found at crafts stores or order online at

To attach star to the tree, thread a zip tie through ribbon on the backside of the star and then secure to the central leader (main trunk) of the tree. For best support, the star should be slightly nestled amongst the branches.

To Make Our 3 Dimensional Star
Cut two identical stars from foam core board. Cut a slit, the width of the board's thickness from the top center point on one star to the middle. Repeat on the second star from the bottom inner point to the middle. Glue fabric to both sides of each star, and let dry. Edge with ribbon and connect stars. Punch a hole through top of star with an awl and attach jingle bells.