Spruce Up Your Door With Spring Baskets

Hang cute baskets of greenery on your front door, and totally impress your guests.

Easy Spring Greeting
Photo: Ralph Anderson / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey

Your front door is the first thing people see when they visit and the last thing they see when leaving. So take something small and make a big impression. The simplest way to jazz up your front door? Hang a basket or two filled with flowers or ivy.

A flat-back basket will hang neatly on the front door. Wicker is always nice, and painted metal baskets will weather the outdoors too. Add color to your pick with spray paint; choose a hue to match the front door, or use an eye-catching color that stands out. Wall baskets are ideal, but if you can't find those, bicycle baskets also work great. Visit www.basketville.com to order one. Once you have a cute container, dress it up with ribbons, raffia, and bows. An armful of greenery also adds color. This display is charming eye candy for the neighbors.

To set a seasonal tone, spruce up your basket with an arrangement of pastel-colored flowers to welcome spring. Add ivy, pumpkins, or pinecones for a fall look. Decorate with candy canes, holly, or ornaments through the holiday season. But whatever you do, never settle for a shabby front door welcome.

Color at the Door

For a door that says "wow," try a color change. It's a three-hour job that maximizes curb appeal. Choose a shade to complement your exterior or one that provides contrast. Try bold hues such as eggplant, tomato, or butterscotch. You can always paint over it.

"Spruce Up Your Door With Spring Baskets" is from the April 2006 issue of Southern Living.

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