Find answers to our most frequently asked Southern Home Awards questions.

Q: Who judges the Home Awards program?
A: The entire Southern Living Homes Department staff, which includes all editors, photographers, and stylists. We feel that since we know best which homes will make the best stories for Southern Living, it only makes sense that the judging is conducted with our expertise and know-how.

Q: What happens if I win?
A: The winners will be determined by either early or mid September. If you win, an editor at Southern Living magazine will contact you and schedule dates to photograph your winning home. Be prepared to also be present, along with your family, because we'll want to include you in some of the shots as well. Then, we will update you concerning which issue your story is scheduled to appear.

Q: Do winners receive a prize?
A: There are no cash prizes for this contest. Your reward is simply the honor of having either your home or a home you've designed / built featured in Southern Living magazine.

Q: Am I still eligible to enter if my home has already been featured in another national publication (either in print or online) or aired on a television network?
A: Although we accept house entries that have been featured in regional, state, and city publications and TV coverage, homes that have been published, aired, and covered online by a nationally recognized business or organization are ineligible from this competition.

Q: Do I need to hire a professional photographer for my submittals?
A: No; many participants submit photos that they've taken themselves. It's whatever will best present your home or residential project that matters.

Q: What if I'm unable to turn in all of the required information, like the entry or permission form, before the deadline?
A: We stress the deadline because receiving completed binders makes it much easier for us to keep track of all the entries. BUT, if you're lacking one or two items, go ahead and send in your binder AND notify us (1-800-366-4712, ext. 6079) that the remaining information will be sent separately. You can also fax us information at 205-445-6700. Please state clearly on the cover sheet the project homeowners' names and category to which the information pertains.

Q: If my home or project doesn't win, are my chances for coverage in the magazine lost?
A: Not by any means. Many of the submittals that don't win can still develop into great articles to appear in Southern Living or any of its numerous special-interest publications. We make copies of each entry before returning them in hopes of photographing them on future photo shoots.

Q: What if my submittal merits more than one category to be entered?
A: While this is highly unlikely, there are indeed special cases where a home or project can't be defined by just one category. If that's your case, please call us at 1-800-366-4712, ext. 6079 to discuss your situation further. We will make a final decision as to which category best defines your home.

Q: May I submit more than one house?
A: You may enter as many houses as you like. Just be sure to submit each house as its own entry, complete with its own binder, project description, plans, photographs, entry and permission forms, and entry fee check.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-366-4712, ext. 6079.