Certain elements signal that you've arrived in a Southerner's home.
Neutral Living Room with Pops of Color
Credit: Photo: William Waldron

There are a few dead giveaways that you've entered a Southern home.

A Comfortable Sofa

The true-life loungeability of a home's upholstered pieces are a dead giveaway that your hostess is from below the Mason Dixon. If it's squishy, down-filled and covered with chintz—it's guaranteed that you are in a Southern home.


Are there collections of antique silver everywhere? A console packed with family photos framed in silver? Flowers arranged in small julep cups with a china cabinet packed with more julep cups, goblets, and every other kind of silver imaginable? Yes, you are in a home with an owner who likely speaks with a slow drawl.

Family Portraits

The only thing better than a framed in silver family photo is a hand-painted, oversized family portrait hanging on the wall. If there is more than one full family portrait (typically sans the father) then you're in a home with deep, deep Southern roots.

Deer Paraphernalia

Antlers casually displayed on a console or a mounted buck's head on the wall signify that you're deep in the heart of hunting country. If the deer head hangs in the living room, get ready to be served some sort of venison. Also, keep your eyes peeled for family pictures taken while hunting. You'll have to look closely for these, family will be dressed in camo but pops of their bright orange will standout.

Oversized Monograms on Nearly Everything

Sure monograms have gained popularity all over the country, but in the South our dedication to personalize nearly all of our possessions without ambition has forged this new appreciation. If you see monograms on fine china, hand towels, cocktail napkins, giant appliques on bedding, even a big round curlicue initial hanging on the front door, you should make a bet that the homeowners were born in the South.