You can never have too much plush. This decorating plan will show off your bedroom's softer side.
Simply Sumptuous

In a hectic world that demands we remain cool, calm, and collected, is it too much to ask that our bedrooms do the same? We think not. From the superthick rug to the velvet headboard, this space is always comfortable.

Beautiful Background

A neutral wall color such as Benjamin Moore's Bennington Gray (there's a whole world beyond beige!) establishes a tranquil background that echoes the taupe and white bedding and ultra-pale gray carpet. This scheme allows endless possibilities for accent colors that can change seasonally or just when the mood strikes. Here, the homeowner selectively adds splashes of color with blue glass lamps, a green leather upholstered bench, and a crewel pillow that draws the eye to the room's most important feature--the beautifully made bed.

Think Soft

If you're going to go all out for luxury, the bedroom is the place to do it. In this space, a taupe silk duvet tops the darker silk-and-velvet reversible spread. Make your room soft on the eyes too. Keep throw pillows to a minimum, and dress up the working pillows in pretty shams or cases such as these Greek key-trimmed cases. Don't forget to spoil your feet. Here, a heavy-pile shag rug covers the floor and makes stepping out of bed in the morning 10 times more pleasant. "I wanted a calm, clean space that relaxed me," the homeowner says, "and I feel relaxed just by walking in."

Plan Your Perfect Headboard

Pretty fabric is a great start, but when you really want your custom headboard to stand out, you need the right dimensions. Here are our top tips.

Width: This one's simple―a headboard should be at least the width of your bed. You may want to add a 1- to 2-inch overhang on each side, but it's purely preference.

Height: This varies based on the desired look. In rooms with average ceiling heights (8 to 10 feet), most headboards are between one-half and two-thirds the overall height of the wall. You can go taller for added drama or lower for a modern, sleek look.

"Simply Sumptuous" is from the April 2008 issue of Southern Living.