Soften the look of any door or window with sheer cafe curtains.
Simply Dressed
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

A glass front door adds charm to a home. However, some might be a little hesitant with the lack of privacy those panes deliver. If you're not ready to have your home on display, cafe curtains are a simple solution.

Subtle Is Best
This treatment is traditionally made from sheer, unlined fabric and covers half to three-quarters of a window or door. Choose fabric wisely, keeping in mind that it will be visible from the street. It's best to select a neutral cloth that won't clash with your home's exterior or interior, but it doesn't have to be boring. Try a fabric with a subtle texture or tone-on-tone print.

Budget-Friendly Treatment
While there are reasonably priced, ready-made versions on the market, a custom look such as the one shown here certainly won't break the bank. With little fabric required and simple details, even an amateur seamstress can fashion this treatment with minimal effort. This version sports simple pinch pleats at the top.

Hardware Help
An iron rod is a natural complement to cafe curtains. Remember when choosing hardware, the smaller the better. By aligning a 3⁄4-inch-diameter rod with the window's top mullion, it's barely visible outside. Paired with 1-inch-diameter rings, the curtains easily open and close when necessary.

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This article is from the September 2005 issue of Southern Living.