Bring the season's best indoors with our garden-inspired table.
Garden Tablescape
Credit: Van Chaplin

Celebrate Easter by setting a pretty table that echoes all that you love about spring. With shades of pink, lavender, green, and white, your garden and flower pots resound with color, so why not your table? Gather fresh blooms, vibrant moss, glass vases, and colorful wooden eggs. Soon your table will grow into a fresh and cheerful display.

All Ready for Easter Brunch

Move your dining table onto a sunporch or into a light-filled room that offers a great view of the garden. The drifts of snowy dogwood blossoms and the verdant lawn seen through the windows here are as much a part of this lovely look as what makes up the tablescape.

Delight in Table Decorations

Dress the table with a moss-covered runner to highlight fresh flowers gathered from the yard. (See next page for directions.) Top each plate with a folded napkin topped with a packet of seeds and a ribbon-wrapped Easter egg. We used wooden eggs (available at crafts stores), but large plastic ones work equally well. Place a soil-filled peat pot (or a Jiffy pellet) in each egg, and glue grosgrain ribbon around it with a glue gun. Once home, guests can plant the seeds in their own gardens. For a final touch, add comfy pillows with pastel trim to each chair. Use pillows with the same color edging or mix hues-it's up to you.

Simple Flower Style

Arrange blossoms in glass vases, and line them down the runner. Tip: Use only one type of flower in each vase.

Happy Easter Table Runner


  • felt-backed plastic tablecloth
  • 2 bags chartreuse-colored reindeer moss
  • 1 box or 4 bags decorative sheet moss
  • glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: Cut an 18-inch-wide strip from the plastic tablecloth. Cut the length so that 7 to 9 inches hangs over each end of the table. If your table is narrow, you may want to adjust the width to allow more room for plates and glasses.

Step 2: Glue reindeer moss around the edge of the runner. Fill in the middle with decorative sheet moss, working your way down the length of the runner. Roll it up, and place in a garbage bag. Store in a cool, dry place.

"Set for Spring" is from the April 2007 issue of Southern Living.