Photo Helen Norman

Last summer I lucked out and scouted Richard Tubb's lake house (above) that's featured in the June issue. Headed to an Alabama lake that I'd never been to (that's well out-of-the-way of cell phone and GPS service), Richard assured me that I wouldn't get lost if I took the turns marked by a black sign with seven aluminum lines. Intrigued but trusting, I set out for the house guided by corners marked with groupings like the one below.

Photo Zoë Gowen

When I arrived a few hours later I couldn't help but think that these artful signs set the tone for adventure at the lake, much more than street signs do.

Photo Zoë Gowen

So what's the story with Richard's seven squiggly lines? They represent the name of Richard's lake house -- "Seven Sticks" named for the seven white spruce poles that support his home.

Richard's handiwork got me thinking -- what other artful signs are dotting country roads across the South? Is at the end of your own drive? Or perhaps just a sign that you pass often? Let me know in the comments below!

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