Reclaimed Details Are in for 2022 – Here's How Designers Are Putting the Trend To Use

We love the character it brings.

When it comes to designing for the home, incorporating reclaimed materials is the latest craze. "By mixing old and new, we can create spaces that feel personal and like they've grown organically over time," says Kim Fuelling of Mabel Studios in Sugar Grove, North Carolina.

Whether it's in the kitchen, bedroom, or even the bath, repurposed wood and similarly rustic elements are gaining new life. Here are some ways that designers are adding Southern charm to the home.

Walnut Island in White Kitchen
Emily Green; Sqft Nashville

Not-So-Kitschy Kitchen

Reclaimed wood plays a starring role in homes designed by Elizabeth Scruggs, owner of Superior Construction and Design based in Lebanon, Tennessee. "We have used materials in every room, but the main area seems to be the kitchen," she says, noting walnut as a popular choice for kitchen island tops. "As this is the main room people always seem to congregate in, reclaimed materials serve as conversation starters."

White Living Room with Reclaimed Built-In Bookshelves
Dustin Peck; stylist: Kendra Surface

Popular Poplar

Susan Hill of Susan Hill Interior Design in Charlotte, North Carolina, has found renewed interest in reclaimed woods such as poplar, hemlock, aged pine, and French oak. For a recent project, she designed floating shelves using narrow 4-inch poplar boards in the living room. Another favorite: a modern take on a historic cottage with floating shelves made from reclaimed pine, enhanced by a center ceiling beam in the main bedroom.

8-Foot Reclaimed Wood Round Door
Kim Fuelling

Great Room Grandeur

To make a bold statement in a space frequented by the family, Fuelling and her husband Paul are designing a set of interior doors using reclaimed wood, twisting vines, and driftwood. "These are brand-new 8-foot round doors that look like they could be 100 years old," she says. "That is the beauty of reclaimed materials; they add such warmth and character."

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