Forget Wood Floors, Here's Why Realtors Love Wood Wall Paneling

Okay, wood floors are nice, too.

Indeed, wood floors can be gorgeous (especially if you clean them regularly!). But here's the reason real estate agents covet wood paneling on the walls of a home they're selling: It can add a stunning element of visual interest.


Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

"There is beautiful wood paneling in modernist homes that provides warmth and depth to rooms," George Case, a real estate agent with Warburg Realty, told Apartment Therapy in an article on the topic of why realtors adore wood paneling. And just as a newly added wooden accent wall can enhance the look of a modernist space, so too, can historic wooden paneling make a handsome statement in an older home. To that point, Susan Swain, a realtor with Dependable Realty Services, told the outlet, "There is nothing like the quality from yesteryear. I love the craftsmanship from earlier periods."

Of course, wood wall paneling can also create quite the headache for realtors trying to sell a home if it covers a large part of the home and doesn't fit with the aesthetic of potential buyers, but to that, we say: Simply paint over it. That's right. So long as the wood is of good quality and isn't falling apart, having wooden paneling in homes gives people the chance to paint over it however they please, while the wood itself lends some nice texture to a space.

While wood paneling or shiplap isn't for everyone, for many, it can be an interior design win and make your home feel less cookie cutter, and more welcoming.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, interior design and home renovation enthusiasts. Does your heart leap with joy when you see wood paneling in the walls of a home or do you head for the timber-filled hills?

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