Five minutes and three items are all you'll need for this table arrangement.
Corn Centerpiece

Even if you're not the crafty type, you will love this idea. In less time than it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn, you can assemble our easiest arrangement yet. Best of all, it lasts as long as you want it to.

1. Pour 2 to 3 inches of popcorn kernels directly from the bag into a glass vase. (Depth will vary depending on the size of your container.) Ours, from Smith & Hawken, is 16 inches tall x 12 inches long x 3 1?2 inches wide. 2. Pull husks of Indian corn back to fully reveal kernels, and insert corn, with the tips down, into popcorn kernels. Repeat until the vase is full. (Find Indian corn at grocery stores or farm stands.) 3. Create another version with miniature corn. Our smaller vase, also purchased from Smith & Hawken, measures 6 inches tall x 6 inches long x 2 1?4 inches wide.

Why We Love It
The clean lines of the glass combined with the earthiness of the corn make this display a winner in any home, no matter your style. Try grouping the large and small versions together on a side table or chest or placing three small containers end to end down the center of your table.

"Quick and Colorful Fall Arrangement" is from the November 2006 issue of Southern Living.