One of the best ways to get all your garden gadgets and other outdoor items under one roof (and out of the garage or carport) is to buy or build a storage shed.
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Difficulty Rating: *** (one asterisk is least difficult, four asterisks is most difficult)

Buying a prefabricated building is the easier way to go, but prefab sheds can look pretty plain. So why not add some special touches to dress up a boring prefab shed?

It's fun, it's easy, and it's cheap. We took an ordinary shed and made it extraordinary with little more than a paint job, tin scraps, salvaged items, and a few other tricks. Perhaps the best part is the price: We added all the exterior improvements for less than $350 (not including the price of the shed, of course). Our plan gives you complete instructions for dressing up your own prefab shed.

This plan is available via e-mail as a printable PDF. To order send a $4 check made payable to Southern Living Projects and your e-mail address to: Storage Shed Project, Southern Living Projects, P.O. Box 11407, Lockbox 1014, Birmingham, AL 35246-1014. If you prefer to receive a copy by regular mail, include a self-addressed, stamped (with two first-class, letter-rate stamps), business-size envelope with your check. Allow four to six weeks for delivery.

If you have any questions concerning project plans, please send us an e-mail.