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Pinterest Home Decor Trends
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Spring is well underway. And along with April showers and beautiful May flowers, comes the need for us to spruce up our wardrobe and also our homes. And there's no better source to help you blossom your space than Pinterest. Looking out for your design needs and those DIY projects you're just dying to recreate, the online moodboard has compiled its annual 2017 spring report, offering decorating and colorful solutions based on searches from chic and crafty pinners. To save you countless hours of sifting through interior design magazines, here are 18 different ways to prepare your home for entertaining during spring and summer. And the best part? Most of these décor ideas are simple and budget-friendly, making it a snap to improve your home at the ready. Already have a round mirror and bar cart? Good news: You're halfway there and right on trend!

1. Removable Wallpaper

You've probably seen removable wallpaper designs populate your feeds in recent months. And according to Pinterest, don't plan on the trend dying down anytime soon. Non-permanent wallpaper—in different colors and designs—is perfect for renters. Not to mention, it's an easy way to update monochromatic walls or furniture pieces, while simultaneously serving as a standalone piece of art.

2. Stick-on Tile

In keeping with the self-adhesive theme, many homeowners and renters are opting for stick-on subway tile to personalize their space. In fact, the sticky trend has seen a 344 percent spike in the past year.

Shower Plants
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3. Shower Plants

Why limit your plants to small indoor containers and outdoor gardens? Lush shower plants hung from a curtain rod are a creative way to add a little greenery to your bathroom. Not only do plants help clean the air, but they're also great for eliminating bacteria. And since most bathrooms are germ havens, this is a practical addition for creating a sterile and safe space. Plus, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants again.

4. Round Mirrors

Rounding out this list are mirrors in circular and oval shapes. Add one to your bathroom, hallway, or living room for a quick and beautiful update.

5. Warm Interior Shades

Thanks to the Danish hygge phenomenon, everyone is turning to all things cozy, which, in Pinterest terminology, means incorporating warmer tones. Stark, clean white minimalism is slowly being replaced by terracotta and brick shades. The trend has seen a 36 percent increase.

6. Accessories as Decor

Hat racks are a thing of the past. Use your walls instead to hang stylish headwear. In addition to serving as an interesting focal point, it's also a clever idea that keeps your favorite cowboy and fedora hats within arm's reach.

Cast Iron Cookware
Credit: Photo: Remodelista

7. Colorful Cookware as Kitchen Accents

If you haven't guessed it by now, we're a cast-iron loving bunch here at SL. Coupled with its ability to withstand high heat and last for ages, cast-iron cookware in different colors also makes for an attractive display on shelves, or when hung just above the oven. Cast-iron cookware saw a 103 percent increase year-over-year.

8. Updated Legs and Knobs

Turns out, that old shelf, table, or nightstand isn't completely done for just yet. Take your used furniture pieces from drab to fab by adding new knobs and legs.

9. Organized Pantries and Bathroom Closets

Quite simply, it's out with the old and in with the new. Many pinners are seeking ways to organize their pantries for more efficient cooking, as well as how to simplify linen closets for overnight guests.

Storage for Off-Season Clothes
Credit: Photo: Apartment Therapy

10. Unique Solution for Out-of-Season Clothing

Running out of room in the closet? Now that spring is here, it's time to find a home for sweaters, scarves, and boots until fall and winter. Instead of shoving them in the back of the closet, replace your coffee table with a large vintage trunk, luggage, or woven baskets with lids to store your off-season wardrobe. These pieces also double as eye-catching accents, and no one ever has to know what's inside.

11. Personalized Entryways

Farmhouse style is still on the rise. The trend saw a 40 percent surge as pinners were searching for creative ways to customize their entryways. After all, you only get one time to make a good first impression. And there's no better way to greet guests than with modern country accents and heirloom pieces.

12. Pink Details

All signs point to pink being the color of the moment, and it's here to stay. One great thing about this soft hue is that you only need one signature piece to completely revitalize and enhance your space. Pink bathroom tiles or pink throw pillows are an easy start.

Kitchen Command Center
Credit: Photo: Dear Lillie Blog

13. Kitchen Command Centers

If you've walked into a coffee shop or restaurant recently, you may have noticed chalkboard-style menus. Now, homeowners are turning their kitchens into a central command station, combining the coffee area with a grocery list or weekly menu etched in chalk.

14. Acrylic Décor

Acrylic is a multipurposeful material to display all your pretty things. Whether you add clear furniture pieces like coffee tables, accent trays, or storage containers for makeup, we love how it provides a sleek, modern finish to any home.

15. Under the Sink Storage

Finding space under the sink can be a pain. That's why pinners are turning to small wicker baskets and plastic containers to maximize their storage. One creative solution is to use Lazy Susans to display beauty and makeup essentials.

16. DIY Leather Handles

Leather handles used in place of knobs can make any piece of furniture, particularly clothing drawers, look brand new.

Vertical Bar Cart
Credit: Photo: The Every Girl

17. Vertical Bar Carts

Short on space? Allow the vertical bar cart to come to the rescue. Searches for this clever design idea have seen a 333 percent increase.

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18. DIY Compost Bins

As you already know, composting is great for the environment. Clearly, Pinterest users think so, since the search for compost tips has doubled since last year—by 106 percent, to be exact. Building your own compost bin to house dinner scraps is another way to make good use of your green thumb.