Glowing Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Outdoor Fireplace with Fall Garland
Photo: Helen Norman

These outdoor fireplaces are full of inspiration to help you create a charming, relaxing getaway in your own backyard.

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A Touch of Fall

Outdoor Fireplace with Fall Garland
Helen Norman

This natural stone outdoor fireplace complete with fall foliage garland invites guests to relax by the fire and stay a while.

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Bring the Holidays Outside

Covered Backyard Outdoor Fireplace

This backyard fireplace shows that any space can be perfect for an outdoor living space. It also creates additional space to decorate and entertain guests during the holiday season.

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Inviting Patio

Inviting Patio Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Humble materials can pull off a high-end look. To anchor the space, an outdoor fireplace was constructed from cinder blocks lined with fireproof brick and covered in stucco. And all the furniture and accessories that decorate the space were chosen to withstand the elements but age gracefully, resulting in an inviting spot for alfresco entertaining.

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Bring Warmth to the Pool House

Bring Warmth to the Pool House
Photo: Nancy Nolan

This outdoor fireplace adds warmth to the pool house while also creating a defined gathering space. The wood storage on each side creates organization, as well as a visually appealing display.

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Natural Qualities

Pool House Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Helen Norman

This natural stone outdoor fireplace and forest-like color scheme bring the outdoors into the porch and creates an inviting space for lounging on cool fall evenings.

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A Gathering Place

Freestanding outdoor fireplace

Building a freestanding outdoor fireplace creates an instant cozy gathering place for fall. Decorate the mantle with a row of tea lights for extra sparkle when the sun goes down.

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Romantic Getaway

Romantic Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

For year-round lounging, there's an enclosed sitting area that boasts candle chandeliers and a fireplace. Filling the fireplace with candles instead of firewood gives this small seating area a very romantic feel.

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A Cozy Outdoor Space

Red Brick Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Tria Giovan

A wood-burning outdoor fireplace is the center of attention in this porch, and dozing, reading, and chatting are the orders of the day. An indoor-outdoor rug softens and defines the gathering space. The seating arrangement includes a upholstered swing that the homeowner had custom made based on an antique bench she saw at a Paris flea market.

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Autumnal Flair

Fall Stone Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace makes it comfortable to sit outside on cool fall evenings. Touches of the season around the mantle and the hearth feature arrangements of pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves.

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A Vintage Touch

Vintage Brick Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The brick in this courtyard and outdoor fireplace came from old buildings that were torn down. The biggest issue with antique brick is there are several different sizes and it tends to get mixed up. So these homeowners set the brick in sand, rather than concrete, to give a relaxed and aged look. Plus, the sand helped level odd-size bricks.

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Create a Focal Point

Stucco and Brick Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Jean Allsopp

Composed of a brick chimney, mantel, and firebox, this outdoor fireplace is covered with stucco as well. This touch not only distinguishes it from the surrounding brick walls, but it also makes a focal point. The hearth is raised for additional seating. Plus, by centering the fireplace between a brick opening and the exterior living room wall, it provided a nook for firewood.

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For the Outdoor Kitchen

Pavilion Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Ralph Anderson

Measuring 20 feet square, this pavilion provides shade during the summer and a warming fireplace when the air turns cool. Kitchen conveniences run along a sidewall. Set back beneath a lean-to roof are a bath and areas for prep and storage.

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Extension of the Home

Garage Addition Outdoor Fireplace

This seating area and outdoor fireplace blend seamlessly with the garage behind it. The vaulted pitch of the arbor mimics the lines of the garage roof and makes the garage more background than feature. The brick chimney helps to draw the eye up, creating height and keeping the attention on the fireplace, which features a mix of fieldstone and brick for added interest.

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Dinner Venue

Courtyard Outdoor Fireplace

This dining courtyard is adjacent to the interior dining room and features a wood-burning fireplace to warm up outside dinner parties, especially in cool fall months.

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A Seasonal Centerpiece

Fall Outdoor Fireplace

A stone fireplace creates the perfect area for fall gatherings in this backyard. A cluster of pumpkins and mums warms up the sitting wall.

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Find Inspiration

Find Inspiration
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

An entry arbor at Christ Church on St. Simons Island inspired the design of this pool house. It makes for a cozy gathering spot around the outdoor fireplace on cool fall evenings.

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An Afternoon Retreat

Backyard Pavilion Outdoor Fireplace
Photo: Robert Rausch

This covered outdoor fireplace is a great place to relax on chilly fall evenings. The pavilion also gains importance by being raised three steps above grade. Low, wide stone steps run its entire width.

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For a Small Space

Small Space Outdoor Fireplace

Short on space doesn't mean short on use. This area is barely 25 feet deep and 50 feet wide, but it includes a place to have a drink and watch the game, a location to dine, and a warm spot to relax by the outdoor fireplace.

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A Comfortable Space

Entertaining Outdoor Fireplace

Lighting is key to entertaining in a large outdoor space. Strands of light strung overhead create a nice glow for stand-and-snack gatherings. Comfortable outdoor sofas, a blazing fireplace, and a convenient bar set the scene for the most popular fall party spot.

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