If you've got an old china cabinet taking up a wall in your dining room, don't toss it! Here are some tips from Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen for giving your old furniture new life. The quickest way to update your old cabinet or armoire is with a simple coat of paint. This brings fresh style to an old piece, and you can switch it up with a clean white coat, a vibrant blue coat, or an elegant dark brown stain. You can also do a contrasting color or wallpaper on the inside of the piece if you'd really like to be creative. Before you paint, however, be sure that you know what you have on your hands – you'd never want to compromise the integrity of a priceless antique for a quick refresh. Another great idea for giving some new life to your old china cabinet is changing where it lives and swapping out its contents. Try bringing it into the bathroom to hold towels or guest items, or turning it into a desk in your living room. If you've got a parlor with an empty wall, you may want to turn the old piece into a bar "cart" and stock it with all of the necessities.

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