Soothing green tones encompass this dining room, from the wall color to the accessories.
Natural Colors: Out of the Marshes (promo image)
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

The lush marshes of Georgia's coast were a natural inspiration for the Sea Island home of Betty and Mills Rendell. "When the wind blows, the grasses are green on one side and honey colored on the other," says Betty. For her dining room, she and interior designer Lori Cook selected a pale green wall color with a golden undertone to complement the adjoining straw-colored foyer and living room; this creates a calming effect.

This room is a good example of how to use one color throughout. What keeps it from feeling repetitive is that the shade varies in intensity. The pale green walls furnish a great backdrop for the stronger colors in the fabrics and accessories.

With its prominent palm trees, the toile pattern on the host chairs and window treatment picks up on the marsh-inspired theme. The mix of wood from the aged white chairs to the dark-stained oak buffet also adds visual interest while complementing the greens. "We didn't want the room to be too formal; we wanted a casually elegant and inviting space," says Betty. Taking its cue from the natural beauty of the coast, the room makes just such a statement.