Turns out, the South has quite the array of tastes.

By Katherine Owen
August 18, 2017

There are plenty of things Southerners can agree upon. Like the fact that Mama always knows best. Or that porches are the best place to pass the time. Or that tea should be sweet, please. (Just don't ask about which hot sauce is best or how soon is too soon to put up holiday lights.) But just in case you were starting to think the South was one big homogenous place, think again. As it turns out, we're all quite different when it comes to what makes our hearts go aflutter at HomeGoods.

Joybird, the online retailer for custom, hand-made midcentury-modern style furniture, took a good hard look at the most searched designs in every state. The team over there built a list of the 16 most popular interior design styles and then used Google Trends to determine the search popularity for each in every state over the last 12 months.

Turns out, our friends over in Mississippi are quite loyal to their shabby chic ways. Up in North Carolina, they've embraced the increasingly popular bohemian trends. And it's not just the South; the entire nation has embraced a wide variety of styles from industrial in Colorado to transitional in Massachusetts. Here, the top home décor styles in every Southern state:


Apparently Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland just love their clean lines and airy atmospheres. Get more contemporary style inspiration here.


Looks like Oklahoma is hitting up those flea markets all alone. This look is defined by patinaed pieces and accents that have the kind of personality you can only get with age. Learn how to warm up new spaces with vintage style here.

Shabby Chic

Oh shabby chic—you either love it or you hate it. Seems that Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee have said yes to ruffles, matte furniture paint, and pastels.


According to the study, only Kentucky is searching for Traditional design. It's okay Kentucky, we'll always love this classic look that never goes out of style.


Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia have all caught the bug with this on-trend style. Think: house plants, global patterns, lots of texture, and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.


Its no secret how much Southerners love their coasts. Particularly, South Carolina's. (Readers voted Charleston the Best Southern City for 2017.) It's no wonder this state has brought its natural beauty indoors, as the only state ranking coastal style number one.

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So, tell us, did you agree with your state? What's your preferred style for interior design? If you don't know, check out our Style Guide with everything from colorful to cool and casual. Or, find out which Idea House belongs in your future.