14 Ideas for Monogramming

Monogrammed Tea Towels
Photo: Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

This charming Southern tradition transcends lacy handkerchiefs and the good silver.

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Tea Towels

Monogrammed Tea Towels
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Tea towels have always been popular choices for monogramming, but there’s no need to be fussy. Embellish simple linen towels with a fun, whimsical single initial like this. Shadowing the blue “s” with a contrasting black stitch makes the lettering pop and adds a little depth.

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Bath Towels

Monogrammed Bath Towels
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Bath towels are also a great place to add some personality. This geometric monogram is a bit more masculine than an elaborate script and would be perfect for a guest room or a gentleman’s bath. Don’t forget to consider your colors. The light blue stands out against the dark brown. However, a tone-on-tone look with brown stitching is a more subtle and sophisticated look.

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Teen Bath Towels

Monogrammed Teen Bath Towels
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Simplicity can make a big statement. The plain block letters sewn near the hem of this towel are a nice informal look. Try this for a teen boy’s bath. Match the room, or go with a favorite team’s colors. Either way, he’ll love it, even if he doesn’t say so. Just skip the embroidered flowers.

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Pillows for a Girl's Room

Monogrammed Pillows for a Girl's Room
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Spell it out if you want! A full name embroidered on a pillow is a cool addition to a bed. For a little girl’s room, go with a fun and informal font as on the pillow shown here. Let the monogram reflect the person it’s for, just as the colors reflect the scheme of the room. We love this hot pink-and-green combo!

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Monograms on Patterns

Monograms on Patterns
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Don’t be afraid to add a monogram over a pattern. The understated pattern on the center panel of this pillow is the perfect background for the ultra-elaborate script of the monogram.

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Monogrammed Pillowcases
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Pillowcases are another natural fit for a monogram. Here are two very different styles. Simple or swirly, the result is the same―it’s great-looking! Try a pair of white pillowcases done with the initials of a new bride and groom. What a terrific gift!

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Monogrammed Aprons
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

And speaking of gifts: Mom might enjoy cooking for you a bit more with a colorful and personalized apron. Maybe not, but she’ll definitely love the apron! Again, go with fun colors and a cheerful font to add a bit of brightness to chores.

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Book Bags

Monogrammed Book Bags
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Don’t we all want pretty and practical? Make sure kids don’t lose their book bag in the shuffle at school by including their initials right on the bags. They’ll love that, and you’ll love the trouble it saves!

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Lunch Bags

Monogrammed Lunch Bags
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Kids like things of their very own, especially with their names front and center. Make a simple lunch bag a bit more special with a personalized touch. We particularly loved the name done in all lowercase letters over a large “L” for Luke. The childlike lettering is fun and perfectly suited for a little one’s lunch.

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Makeup Bags

Monogrammed Makeup Bags
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Another great gift idea is a makeup bag. This bag is done with a single initial that matches the bow. When using a single letter, try a border around the letter like the circle with a ring of dots shown here and …

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House Slippers

Monogrammed House Slippers
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

… don’t forget the matching slippers! Inexpensive terry cloth slippers are easy to dress up and would make a thoughtful gift―add them to the bag for a friend under the weather or for a new mom!

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Shaving Kits

Monogrammed Shaving Kits
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

And for the gentleman, a shaving bag with a masculine geometric monogram is an excellent idea. For guys, go with darker, richer colors. Gotta look cool when they pull it out at the gym!

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Dining Room Chairs

Monogrammed Dining Room Chairs
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Monograms also make cool additions to furniture. We love this two-tone monogram on the back of a dining chair. The choice of script and the subtle tone on tone lend a sophisticated look that will stand the test of time.

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Monogrammed Lampshades
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Another unexpected item you can dress up with lettering is a lampshade. The gold stitch against the black linen shade plays off the brass base of the lamp. Great for a den or library, it’s an instant classic.

Monograms from The Cherry Zebra

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