Get the 411 on the classic dogtrot.
Bill Aylor

What exactly is a dogtrot?
"This simple rural structure is defined by a central open space between two rooms, which are typically covered by a continuous roof. The open space is a protected outdoor room where people, and dogs, can sit and take advantage of breezes."

Do you have a favorite?
"I keep a rag-worn copy of Texas Homes of the 19th Century on my desk. One of my favorites in the book is the Ledbetter Picket House in Albany. It's an unpretentious structure that reflects its time and place."

What do you love about dogtrots?
"The simplicity of the idea. It's a response to the environment using the available materials and building technologies."

What features of the dogtrot have you brought to the porch houses?
"Like the historic dogtrots, our Porch Houses are typically designed with bedrooms on one side of a breezeway and a living space on the other. The orientation is important so the house can make the most of breezes and provide a welcoming place to gather with friends and—of course—dogs."