This Little Rock, Arkansas interior designer is known for her modern take on traditional design and for always having a new project in the works. We recently sat down for a chat.
Toby Fairley
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn
  • Q: What makes a kitchen Southern?
    Southerners like to cook. And we cook things in big stockpots and cast-iron skillets, so having ample room to store pots, pans, and specialty utensils is a must.
  • Q: What's the one thing every Southern home should have?
    A place to sit in the kitchen! Everyone always ends up in there anyway, so it's good manners to be able to offer them a seat.
  • Q: What areyour go-to shopping stopsin Little Rock?
    Cobblestone & Vine, Bear-Hill Interiors, and Molly's Paperie.
  • Q: Any favorite paint colors?
    I often use Sherwin-Williams Believable Buff, Wool Skein, and Silvermist.
  • Q: What's new with Tobi Fairley Interior Design?
    Well, I am sort of crazy, so there are always lots of new things up with me. I'm very excited about my new fabric collection, the Tobi Fairley Collection, that I created to fill the need I have for overscale floral and geometric prints that are the hallmarks of many of my design projects.
  • Q: Tell me about Design Camp!
    During the events, campers learn my tips, tricks, and formulas for creating successful rooms. Anyone can attend them…designers, design enthusiasts, and total decorating novices! Some camps cover general design; others focus on special topics. For more info, visit