We love these prints!

Kayce Hughes artwork
Kayce Hughes' artwork.
| Credit: Kayce Hughes

It's been four years since fashion icon Lilly Pulitzer passed away, and now we're delighted to have come across a member of her family we also adore.

Introducing Pulitzer's niece: abstract artist Kayce Hughes.

According to her website, Hughes, a Nashville-based mother of seven, "has been dreaming up and creating colorful things as long as she can remember." She's not kidding. Hughes started out by following in her aunt's footsteps, working for Ralph Lauren and starting her own clothing lines. But now she's found her way back to painting, her first love.

In a 2013 interview with Matchbook Magazine, Hughes says she grew up playing hide-and-seek in the clothing racks of Pulitzer's warehouse, which inspired her love of fashion, design, and above all: color. How could it not?

Hughes specializes in canvas paintings with colorful, abstract shapes and geometric patterns that will bring life to any wall. We'd be lying if we said they didn't remind us of Lilly just a little bit. And the best part, they're totally affordable!

Shop Hughes' paintings on KacyeHughes.com and follow her on Instagram for more pictures of her work.