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Shiplap Wallpaper

We're big fans of Joanna Gaines' favorite wall treatment—remember shiplap? While watching countless episodes of Fixer Upper, we clocked more than a few shiplap-adorned walls. It's a decor choice that strikes a balance between chic and laid-back, and we can't get enough of it. Something we can pass on? The time- and labor-intensive efforts needed to install it.

It's like Joanna Gaines read our minds, because she has the perfect solution for those who love the shiplap look but don't have the time and energy to hang it. Removable wallpaper has long been one of our favorite ways to try new decor styles without onerous papering sessions or long-term commitments, and Gaines has developed a removable shiplap wallpaper for use in our interior designs. It's a great way to try out the shiplap style without a costly installation.

Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, baths—there's no limit to the walls we'd like to paper with the ‘lap. It brings depth and visual interest to walls and adds just a slight hint of wear and history. Best of all? It's removable. That means you can test out the shiplap look all you want without fear of ruining your walls or losing your deposit.

You can find the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines 56 sq. ft. Shiplap Removable Wallpaper at Home Depot. (Buy it: $1.54/sq. ft., $85.98/roll, There, you'll find two colorways: Gray/Off White and White/Gray. Home Depot says, "This 6 in. wide building basic becomes a charming weathered backdrop with the warmth of organic woodgrain. The color of natural wood combines perfectly with any decor and adds a layer of elegant simplicity. Its presence emits the feel of a home with heritage."

The Shiplap Removable Wallpaper removes easily from prepared walls and can be hung using just the wallpaper strips, which come pre-pasted. Home Depot also notes the wallpaper is "washable and also easy to clean with sponge, mild soap and water."

Convinced yet? If you'll excuse us, we have some wallpapering to do.

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Do you have shiplap in your home? Would you consider a wallpaper shiplap shortcut?