Ah, is there any home decor activity that beats the thrill of filling up a new bookshelf with fun artwork, special tchotkes, and, of course, your most beloved books? We think not. But styling your bookshelf can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. Put too few objects on it and it looks like an ode to minimalist (though we do admit, we love a stunning white bookshelf with a few sparsely arranged trinkets); clutter it with too many and the kids may invite themselves to plop their backpacks and ball caps on it, too. Here, learn how to balance your bookshelf in perfect harmony (pro-tip: color coordination is key!) and exactly where to place your belongings for the most dazzling dramatic effects. We promise the end result will be eye-catching and match your unique personality to boot. Pssssst, we won’t tell how easy it is to pull off! Want more? Check out this top designer’s tricks for styling open shelving. So, don't fret if you're staring at an empty bookcase – you're just a few steps away from giving the room some character.

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