Bag Some Leaves

Cast an inviting glow on your steps using paper bags stenciled with the shapes of fall foliage taken right from your own trees.

Embrace a Classic
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Gather Your Materials: Leaves of various shapes and sizes or a leaf stencil; a pencil; brown, black, and white paper bags (ones from a crafts store work better than basic lunch sacks); an X-acto knife with a fresh blade; decorative-edge scissors; a large sewing needle; sand; battery-operated or glass votive candles

Get the Look: Collect leaves from the yard. (Tip: Pick leaves right before crafting so they are soft and flexible. Dried leaves are harder to use.) Next, trace the design with a pencil onto the outside of a brown or black paper bag, and cut out the design with the X-acto knife. (Note: We folded a piece of paper and placed it inside the bag to avoid cutting through the other side.) Use scissors to cut the tops off both the dark and white bags. Place a white bag inside each darker one as a liner. Add 2 inches of sand to anchor the bag, and nestle the candle in the bottom.

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