Homes are just like people – imperfect! Embrace that idea for a cozier house.


1. Everything matches.

You need to embrace pairing mismatched items together.

2. You threw out all your old stuff and replaced everything with new stuff.

These may be the shiniest houses, but they are also the saddest! Families don't actually live in showrooms. You shouldn't either. If you really don't like any of your stuff, go shopping for vintage and one-of-a-kind, quirkier items to give your house some personality.

3. You bought only the finest antiques for your house.

Few people feel comfortable living in a room of precious dark wood furniture and oriental rugs. Sure, you've got fine taste, but your house feels like it's living in another century. Mix in some new items and comfortable seating.

4. You only buy items in one color.

Monochromatic may seem like the idea of modern day decorating efficiency, but it's boring! Mix it up. Don't go nuts color-blocking every room in your house. If you're stuck on one color and need some inspiration, look at the color wheel for no-fail color pairing ideas.

5. You only bought in full catalog sets.

As in you bought a suite of furniture (typically marketed as a collection). This is another example of modern day decorating efficiency, but it's a really boring way to decorate. It's encouraged to combine multiple new pieces from different stores. At least peruse some other websites to mix and match before you buy the whole room from the same cart.

6. You were too by the book.

You only used the two prominent colors in the rug (or the painting) to base your room's decorating scheme around. It's okay to use more than two colors – in fact three is better and you need to make sure you vary the tones. This will help soften the contrast of all the colors, which usually ups the survival rate of your room. The more high contrast something is, the quicker people tire get tired of it. Yes, it catches your attention, but it won't necessarily hold it.

7. You forgot your walls.

Art, even bad art, does a lot to make a house feel like a home. Don't worry though, it doesn't have to cost a bundle.