How To Hang Art in a Stairwell

Start an art collection! This is a great place to try a more relaxed and free-form, salon-style wall.

How To Hang Art in a Stairwell
Phoebe shares her easy tips for how to display art in a stairwell. Learn the Formula for Hanging Art in a Stairwell. Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

1. Gather a collection of similarly sized art.

Choose pieces that have a common thread, such as color palette or content. "Your wall should say something personal, so hang things that reflect your interests," advises Phoebe.

2. Keep frames consistent in finish and feel.

"But they don't have to match exactly," says Phoebe. Because a stairwell is a high-traffic area, be sure to choose frames with slim profiles.

3. Lay out everything on the floor.

It's easier to do your measuring and editing there. "Hanging pieces in columns makes the display feel organized, but don't worry about it all being perfectly aligned," she says.

4. Use proper hanging materials.

Instead of one hook in the middle, use two small nails with good hooks on each picture so it won't move. Rubber bumpers will help keep the frames securely in place.

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