If you're heading to a shop to buy candles, follow this advice.

manifeesto/Getty Images

Scented candles do good for the Southern soul. But as you browse a variety of options in a store it can be tough to decide which one to buy. In fact, after a while of sampling smells, that lavender-sage fragrance can begin to read more cinnamon-cider-fir.

What's a candle lover to do when trying to narrow down the lot? Smell your elbow. As Ashley Abramson explains in a recent Apartment Therapy article, it's important to reset your sense of smell as you evaluate smelling various candles. The elbow-smelling tip comes courtesy of Vancouver Candle Company's founder and creative director Nick Rabuchin, who says doing so can help the olfactory glands in your nose smell a scent better when candle shopping. “Perfumers will sniff the crook of their elbow to reset the system,” Rabuchin told Apartment Therapy. “You are always performing olfactory habituation to your own smell, so it is a perfect baseline.”

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Well, we're looking forward to trying this one out next time we head out candle shopping. What's your favorite strategy when buying scented candles? Do you have a go-to fragrance you adore?