17 Pretty House Plans with Porches

Taylor Creek | Plan #1533

Southern homes are famous for their relaxing and beautiful front porches. Find some of our best house plans with porches here. Perfect for summer entertaining or lounging outside with a great book and an even better cocktail, the porch is one of the most Southern of all home design features. We've rounded up the best Southern Living house plans with porches to inspire your inner architect.The porch is a crowd-pleaser with definite curb appeal, and we have an array of house plans with porches to share: rustic styles, such as the Whisper Creek Plan; compact designs perfect for two rocking chairs, like the White Plains Plan; and coastal-inspired verandas, such as the Aiken Street Plan. Whether you're dreaming of a new layout or planning an addition to your home, these house plans with porches will inspire you to take advantage of outdoor space, longer days, and warmer winds in the perfect place to celebrate the season—the breezy porch.

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Taylor Creek Plan #1533

Taylor Creek | Plan #1533

Two words, "Southern" and "comfort" may best describe this 3,100 square foot house. Its snug proportions and simple exterior materials further define the cozy, romantic feeling. The notion of Southern comfort prevails, as porches at the front and side extend both main and second floor living areas.

2,890 square feet

3 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths

Designed by John Tee

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Whisper Creek Plan #1653

Whisper Creek | Plan #1653

Rustic, yet comfortable, porches provide the perfect perch to relax and enjoy the views of this mountainside retreat.

1,555 square feet

2 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths

Designed by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.

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Eastover Cottage Plan #1666

Eastover Cottage Plan #1666
Southern Living

The front porch is directly off the living areas providing ample opportunity to enjoy part of what makes living in the South so special – bringing the outdoors in.

2,530 square feet

4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths

Designed by Watermark Coastal Homes

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Carolina Island House Plan #481

Carolina Island House | Plan #481

Broad, deep, and square porches are the hallmark of this design. Beautifully detailed, this porch stretches 65-feet across the front with three 14-by-14 square foot porches set at each end totaling 1,695 square feet of outdoor living, dining, and entertaining space.

2,738 square feet

4 bedrooms and 4 baths

Designed by Historical Concepts

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Farmhouse Revival Plan #1821

Farmhouse Revival | Plan #1821

We love this plan so much, we used it for our 2012 Idea House.

3,511 square feet

4 Bedrooms and 4 ½ baths

Designed by Historical Concepts

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White Plains Plan #1799

White Plains | Plan #1799

Create a place where tradition can endure, here's a casual cottage with Folk details such as latticed porch columns, a steeply pitched roof and exposed rafters. A twist of Carpenter Gothic style, the home is accented with board and batten siding and a metal roof which lend a playful, vernacular feel.

2,942 square feet

4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths

Designed by Our Town Plans, LLC

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Newberry Park Plan #978

Newberry Park | Plan #978

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Classic curb appeal...Newberry Park is created with the spirit and style of an old Carolina manor. The exterior offers distinct proportions, relaxed porches, and graceful columns for true Southern flavor. The graceful expanse of each porch offers an environment perfect for outdoor entertaining or relaxation.

3,625 square feet

4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 Half baths

Designed by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.

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Abberley Lane Plan #683

Abberley Lane
Southern Living

Inside and out, this classical house teems with ideas that reflect the historic charm of traditional, Southern architecture. The wrapping front porch is truly the focal point of the exterior design.

3,816 square feet

4 Bedrooms and 4 ½ baths

Designed by John Tee

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Aiken Street Plan #1807

Aiken Street | Plan #1807

Coastal architecture is defined by simple details and low-pitched roofs, and while not a Southern invention, shutters are a part of the Deep South design. To help the modest-size home live large, the front room is one big open area, it works as an extension of the interior, the perfect spot for dining just off the kitchen.

2,233 square feet

4 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths

Designed by Our Town Plans, LLC

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Garden Home Cottage Plan #1859

Small Farmhouse with Red Tin Roof
Helen Norman

Curb appeal starts the front porch. This house is all about using ordinary things in an extraordinary way. It's an eco-friendly cottage that is in keeping with the traditions of the past, while taking full advantage of modern innovations.

1,870 square feet

3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths

Designed by P. Allen Smith & Associates

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Tucker Bayou Plan #1408

Tucker Bayou Plan #1408
Designed by LRK Architects

Inspired by historic seaside architecture, this design combines the comfort of a vacation home with thoughtful features that make everyday life easier for today's busy families.

3,554 square feet

5 Bedrooms and 4 baths

Designed by Looney Ricks Kiss Architects

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Kinsley Place Plan #1131

Kinsley Place | Plan #1131

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With a Victorian influence, Kinsley Place draws from Florida vernacular architecture with a hint of the modest wood-frame Cracker-style homesteads most commonly found in rural areas of the state. However, this design is a combination of lap siding and board-and-batten siding as it offers interesting twists on the traditional Florida look.

3,510 square feet

5 bedrooms, 5 ½ baths

Designed by St. Joe Land Company

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Captain's Watch Plan #1426

Captain’s Watch | Plan #1426

With broad front porches and generous windows, this home design demonstrates the timeless beauty of traditional design. Porch spaces live as comfortable, outdoor rooms, so always opt for all-weather furnishings and fabrics.

4,920 square feet

5 bedrooms and 5 ½ baths

Designed by Historical Concepts

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Vintage Lowcountry Plan #1828

Vintage Lowcountry | Plan #1828

This irresistible design recalls the charm and character of the Lowcountry vernacular style. Taking cues from the past, the front porch features wood-clad walls, ceilings, and floors. The pained and hand-crimped standing-seam metal roof further defines a sense of historic charm.

2,768 square feet

4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths

Designed by Rick Clanton, Group 3 Design

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Forest Glen Plan #238

Forest Glen | Plan #238

Inspired by architectural styling of the Old South, Forest Glen will charm you instantly. Deep front porches, wrought-iron railings, arched dormers, shutters and multiple French doors add a Southern accent to the elegant exterior.

4,081 square feet

4 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths

Designed by Gary/Ragsdale Inc.

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Bayou Bend Plan #1745

Bayou Bend | Plan #1745

This quaint coastal cottage with double galleries is rooted in the architectural traditions of the Deep South, but its open floor plan and vibrant interiors are fit for the modern family.

3,589 square feet

4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths

Designed by Piazza Architecture and Planning

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The Potter's House Plan #1489

The Potter's House | Plan #1489
Southern Living

Truly Southern best describes this raised cottage. For entertaining, casual enjoyment and everyday living, from its porch step inside to find style and space in only 2,500 square feet. Organized, comfortable spaces and sensible planning are the hallmarks of this design.

2,504 square feet

3 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths

Designed by R. N. Black Associates, Inc.

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