Patterns, please! 

Yellow Bedroom
Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

2017 can keep the Edison bulbs, raw-meets-industrial materials, and rose-gold everything. They had a good run and served our interiors well, but it may be time to put them back on the shelf for another (future) day.

But we also saw many wonderful design trends surface and take hold. After what's probably days of scrolling through Instagram's feed of all-white kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, it's nice to see color creep back in, whether that's the rich blues and greens of this year or ‘ultra violet' bursting on the scene after Pantone's announcement. (Not to mention, our favorite: all the soft pastels that provide the perfect counter to rooms filled with big color—it's all about balance.)

But the one guest we really hope sticks around this coming year is just an undeniable classic: pattern. Life was not meant to be lived in solid colors! From granny chintz to sharp stripes, and everything in between—including some funky modern interpretations—pattern has come to play. Let's hope it stays.

WATCH: Using Patterned Fabric

Expect to see pattern on pattern more with matching textiles and wallpapers and fearless combinations of pattern AND color. Thoughtful pattern makes a room feel decorated, not just filled. Window treatments seem polished, and throw pillows seem personal (even if it's all bought at big-box stores!) What better way to show a little personality and flair than with pattern.

Intimidated by pattern combos? Don't be. Follow expert decorator Phoebe Howard's formula for patterns that play nice. One, choose a main pattern to establish the room's palette and that can be used as a statement-maker. Two, choose coordinating solids. And three, then mix in a stripe, or small-scale pattern, while staying within the pre-established color palette.