Prepare your saved folders. 

Silke Woweries/Getty Images

Before I even had my own space to decorate (beyond my ever-changing teen bedroom), I was obsessed with splurge vs. save style columns in magazines—from fashion steals to decorating finds. I was amazed that something so beautiful and rare could exist, and then, that for a muuuch lower pricetag, you could get a similar look. (And that it was someone’s job out there to corral all these perfect matches, like the ultimate game of “Memory.”)

So when I found out recently about the Instagram account @FollowTheFind, I was, of course, sold. It’s my new favorite rabbit hole to fall down—and trust me, there are many. Their Instagram is a super-satisfying, endless scroll of side-by-side comparisons of dreamy home goods comparing savvy and splurge prices.

Their style is right where classic meets current trends, resulting in a feed that feels perfectly fresh, stylish, approachable, and Southern. Which, as it turns out, is for good reason—Rachel and Lauren—the brains behind this brilliant project live in the Carolinas. Here, a few of my favorite posts:

A woven pouf—I’m consistently blown away by how expensive these can be. Follow the Find solved that:

These wishbone dining chairs. Both are beautiful, but I did the math—the savvy option is one-sixth the cost of the splurge option. You save $883. That’s $883 worth of other homegoods you can now buy.

Everybody needs a étagère. Here, two practically identical ones, but $800 difference.

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The best part about Follow the Find? They frequently include inspiration images, so be sure to click through the images on each post to get some ideas for your new savvy find. Head to their blog to find the links for each item, and further inspiration. While you’re there be sure to check out their tips and tricks and favorite sources.