What Happens To The Gorgeous Furnishings Featured On HGTV 'Home Town'?

Here's the scoop, straight from Erin Napier.

What's your first thought while watching an episode of HGTV's Home Town? If you're anything like us, it's that Ben and Erin Napier are the sweetest couple. And your second thought? Ours is something along the lines of oh my gosh, can we get that couch, and that side table, and that rug, and those vases for our house? Admittedly, we've often wondered if people whose homes get transformed on the hit HGTV series get to keep all the dreamy furniture and home accessories featured on their episode or if it's just for Reveal Day on television. The answer? Both.

Ben and Erin Napier inside

Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

What Do They Keep?

As Country Living first tipped us off, Erin Napier herself gave us the answer back in a 2017 Instagram post. In the caption of a photo, Napier gives viewers behind-the-scenes intel on who really pays for all those furniture pieces and décor flourishes and what happens to them after the episode wraps filming: "Today's insider info on #HGTVHomeTown: 'Do they get to keep the furnishings?' The homeowners' budget usually does allow for lots of pieces they get to keep + the custom pieces @scotsman.co builds for each home and I like to use the homeowner's own furnishings and objects as much as possible," she explains. "For what's left, we fill the houses with goods from all our favorite local shops around Laurel (tagged in the photo) and the homeowners get a catalogued binder of everything we use that shows the special price our shop owners offer if they would like to keep it. It's a kind of 'welcome to the neighborhood!' from locals to these sweet new folks. Some may say my style is maximalist or cluttered, but I say it's real life. We all have STUFF, or at least I do--and those things are the pieces that comfort us on a stormy night (literally and figuratively) and welcome us home when we walk in the door."

Get the Look

If you can't be on the show, you can still cultivate the Home Town look in your own home. Whether you embrace Erin's vintage style with jadeite cake stands and quilted trivets or add a touch of warmth with wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards, you can find inspiration and even get the Napiers' popular accessories and furniture line at the Laurel Mercantile they co-own in Laurel, Mississippi. Or shop their favorite local spots in Laurel. Implement some of Erin's decorating tips to display your favorite collections and add unexpected color. Your space will feel transformed.

If we were lucky enough to make the move to Laurel and be featured on the show, we'd definitely be buying up everything featured in that binder. Ben and Erin sure have a way with design, and getting to support local small businesses to preserve their special touch sure seems like an excellent choice to us.

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