Heart-Shaped Succulents Are Our New Favorite Plants

So in love.

...and then there were heart-shaped succulents!

Though we've recently added pink succulents to our collection (see our video below) and planted a mix of succulents in containers to spruce up our abodes, it's clear we'll now have to add these darling heart-shaped varieties to our fold. We first became aware of these plants in a story that came onto our radars from House Beautiful, and we only wish we had learned about these beautiful succulents earlier.

"Conophytum bilobum is a type of succulent known for its unique two-lobed body, which most closely resembles a heart," writes the article's author Kelly Corbett, later adding that this tiny plant is also called "living pebble." Considering how easy succulents are to care for, we're looking forward to adding these plants to our homes.

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trend Expert, breaks down the growing trend for Southern Living: "We're seeing shoppers continuing to turn to plants to help reinvent their indoor spaces. In fact, we've seen a 43% increase in searches [compared to the same time the previous year] on Etsy for succulents or cacti in the last three complete months alone." With people spending more time at home than ever amid the coronavirus outbreak, it certainly makes sense that so many of us are looking to make our living spaces more beautiful with some greenery. On these specific succulents rising in popularity, Isom Johnson adds, "And heart-shaped pebble succulents are the latest iteration to take center stage as a charming and contemporary plant alternative. This versatile flowering succulent can be used to add a fresh feel to a variety of spaces—from a windowsill to a bathroom countertop." Looking to buy some now? We're loving these heart-shaped succulent options on Etsy for $3.99 for 10 seeds; or for three plants potted in two-inch containers here for $24.99.

Tell us: How have you upgraded your home with plants in recent months? Are you a succulents enthusiast or all about your devil's ivy plant? We'd love to hear your favorite types of succulents and plants.

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