Nothing is more Southern than an impromptu Porch Party, and I am sure many will agree that their favorite early summer nights are spent with a small group of family and friends sharing stories and sipping cocktails en plein air. Here are a few porch-pick-me-ups to get your outdoor living area company ready. We even included a playlist & happy-hour-ready recipes so all that is left to do is gather the group. Cheers!

1) Invest in an Indoor / Outdoor Rug and during the off-season, let it live in the kids’ playroom or on the sun-porch.


2) Give guests a place to rest their drink and/or pull up as extra seating.


3) Add some Bohemian flavor to the mix of your classic outdoor porch furniture.


4) Change your pillows out seasonally if budget allows and let the color palette be fresh and fun.


5) Trays are not only great for entertaining purposes, but they also add that additional layer to the coffee and/or dining table.


6) Pick your poison: use to plant an orchid or a green fern and/or fill with ice and your favorite bottle of wine.


7) Give your porch ambiance with affordable porcelain lanterns that let the light flicker when the sun goes down. Try putting citronella candles in them for a buggy night.


8) Glasses not only bring seasonal color, but will be used to serve wine, water, and/or lemonade.



9) The burlap makes them casual, the monogram makes them personal, and cloth cocktail napkins are an obvious must for any Southern lady.



10) Pour a cocktail for you and your guests.



11) Don't forget to put out a light bite.



12) And lastly, put on these easy-breezy party tunes using this Porch Party Playlist.