For $16 a bulb, who said you have to break the bank to bring some high-brow style into your space?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 15, 2021
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GE Incandescent Stained-Glass Light Bulbs
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Isn't it amazing how the addition of a fun, new décor piece in your home can brighten up your day? Currently, we're loving the ēdn SmallGarden, a Wi-FI powered garden idea for brown thumbs to grow gorgeous flowers or fresh herbs, gallery walls with colorful art, and Christmas lights in January just because.

Now, we're adding one awesome accessory to our must-have home décor list that will quite literally brighten up our days: GE Lighting's Incandescent Stained Glass Light Bulbs (BUY IT: $79.99 for five;, which have more than 1,150 five-star reviews on Amazon.

We first got wind of these art deco-esque light bulbs from the team at Apartment Therapy, who note that these light bulbs create the appearance of sunlight pouring through a stained glass window, are hand-painted, and have received much praise from Amazon reviewers.

Speaking of those happy customers, those reviews really are glowing (pun intended): "The lighting it gives is so cozy and inviting, we could never go back to a regular bulb. I think I would DIE if they stopped making these!" claims one perhaps overly enthused customer; "Love these bulbs! It's hard to capture just how beautiful they are when inserted into a light fixture (with crystals). The result is colorful light prisms splashing all around on the walls. This nice, soft and colorful array makes for a beautiful atmosphere," shared another.

While not ideal reading lights, these stained glass light bulbs really amp up a room's look, and we hear they pair well with popcorn and streaming your favorite drama (hello, Virgin River!).

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So go ahead, pick up a five-pack of these festive light bulbs and turn your living room into a multi-hued paradise. Who said an art deco-inspired ambience needs to break the bank?