Garage-sale treasures paired with vibrant artwork helped rescue a cluttered, outdated space.
Fun-Filled Kitchen Renovation
Credit: Jean Allsopp

Ron and Martha Council's inspiration for this overhaul began with the kitchen sink. Upon finding a perfectly good stainless steel one discarded along the road, the couple saw their chance. Agreeing that the revised kitchen should mirror the ambience of their 1911 home, the couple took the redesign into their own hands.

Being savvy shoppers, Ron and Martha selected all stock cabinetry items to avoid the holdups that can occur with custom orders. They were also able to fulfill their wish for a movable island with a piece their daughter found at a local garage sale.

Bright fish motifs abound everywhere in the renovated kitchen--in artwork, platters, figurines, and even on switch plates and outlet covers. The Councils balance these whimsical pieces with other bold statements such as a striking abstract painting on one wall. Because the various colors of the piece are found elsewhere in the kitchen, this seemingly unusual choice for a wallhanging looks right at home.

This article is from the May 2005 issue of Southern Living.