It's the first thing your guests see when they visit; use these decorating tips for your door and you'll make a statement from the start.
Decorating Your Front Door
Spruce up your entry in a flash with these stylish front door ideas.
| Credit: Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Front Door Idea #1. Go Bold
When you are choosing a color for your front door, pick something unexpected that makes you happy. Here, a bright teal paint (Quarry 1342 from gives a fun pop of color to the traditional four-panel door. Who says it has to stay the same color? Change it with the seasons. After all, paint is an easy, inexpensive pick-me-up.

Front Door Idea #2. Choose a Single Color
Inspiration is everywhere! A pair of lemon-yellow wellies inspired the palette of these pansies and tulips. Choosing one shade that contrasts with the door color helps your containers stand out from the street.

Front Door Idea #3. Mix and Match Pots
Placing containers is key. White planter boxes flanking the walk lead you to the front door and lend a more formal, symmetrical look. Because the galvanized buckets aren't the same height or style, they would look wonky if they were flanking the front door. Positioning them to one side concentrates the color.

Front Door Idea #4. Add a Little Shine
Give your door a face-lift by simply updating your hardware and door knocker. There are a lot of new options out there to suit any taste and price point. These from are bronze and lend a golden glow.

Front Door Idea #5. Replace Your Doormat
A grass mat is classic and casual, not to mention affordable. Find a few different styles, and switch them up when the mood strikes you.