We've found wallpaper's perfect companion.


While travel to some of our favorite Southern cities may still seem like a distant memory, that doesn't mean we've stopped dreaming of strolls through beloved neighborhoods. If vacations inspired your design sensibilities, the debut mirror collection from Fleur will delight New Orleans' repeat visitors. 

Garden District Arabella Oval
Credit: Courtesy of Fleur Home

The whimsical edges and cheerful colors celebrate the architecture and floral landscape of the city's Garden District. Founded by New Orleans-based artist Natalie Erwin, Fleur's mirrors are customizable according to your size and color specifications. 

After going through the process to create unique frames for her own art, Erwin considered how one-of-a-kind mirrors could improve the decorating process for both designers and homeowners. With the growing popularity of colorful wallpaper in romantic prints, a perfectly matched mirror could be just the ticket to complete your space. 

Fleur Home/Riley Sheehy
Credit: Courtesy of Fleur Home

But Fleur's customized finishes don't stop at eye level. When a photoshoot set required a fake wall, Erwin got the idea to finish the look with a baseboard made from one of her designs. The collection now includes trim options in the same vibrant shapes and colors as the mirrors. 

All of Fleur's products are made in Louisiana and Texas, giving you the chance to decorate with pieces designed and built right here in the South. Visit Fleurhome.com to see all 17 pieces in the Garden District collection. Don't miss the limited edition collection featuring the floral watercolors of Virginia-based artist Riley Sheehey.

Garden District Garden D
Credit: Paul Costello; Courtesy of Fleur Home