How to Pull Off a Feature Wall, According to the Pros

It’s easier than you think!

Colorful Blooms
A custom-colored de Gournay wallpaper provided the palette for this room, which features blue linen curtains and a green shagreen coffee table. Tour this Home. Photo: Photo: Eric Piasecki

The extra version of accent walls, feature walls are having a moment in 2022. This is the year to have fun and really make a statement in your home. Something so large-scale may seem intimidating, but y'all know we've always got your back. To help get you inspired, we tapped some of our most beloved southern interior designers for their favorite feature walls.

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Paint the Picture

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, why not make it yourself? That's exactly what Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design in Houston, Texas did for one of her clients. 'We were inspired by the beautiful Gracie hand-painted wallpaper in a chinoiserie pattern for the dining room," says Patton. "However, we decided a hand-painted mural would be just as impactful, as well as completely customized." The result: A classic design at a contemporary scale you can stare at for hours.

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Match Your Wallpaper and Drapery

For a more classic take on the feature wall, check out Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors in Lake Charles, Louisiana and his interpretation of American vintage style. "By coordinating the wallpaper and drapery, the room provides an airy, romantic feel," Thomas explains. This kind of visual harmony stands out while still looking very clean and uncluttered.

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Expand Your Headboard

Instead of keeping her client's headboard confined to the bed, Patton gave it the whole wall with wallpaper and bed-framing built-ins. "We opted to wallpaper the back of the shelves behind the headboard rather than wallpaper the entire room," she says. Doing this created a unique kind of continuity and coziness, while the collectibles styled on the shelves added another dynamic layer of drama.

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Create a Wall of Shelves

Why style just one shelf when you can style a whole wall of them? Just look to Anastasia Casey of The Identitè Collective, IDCO Studio, and Design Camp in Austin, Texas. Her two biggest pieces of advice? "I love to create a cohesive color story, and scale is important—play around with height and balance," shares Casey. Together, items like books, artwork, greenery, and found objects tell your home's unique story in a way that will truly captivate.

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Make the Most of Your Millwork

Back in the day, simply painting one wall a different color was enough to make it a statement. Now, as demonstrated by Shoshanna Shapiro of Sho + Co in Washington, D.C., millwork is its perfect partner, enhancing the color's dimension and depth. In creating this feature wall, two important considerations were made: "Being an open space, we landed on painting an accent wall so the remaining walls flowed seamlessly throughout the main level," Shapiro explains. "We also selected a satin finish to provide a touch of shine while also getting the softness of a more matte quality finish."

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Design in Color

A little bit of wallpaper is always a good thing, and so is a pop of color! Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design in Kingsport, Tennessee incorporated both in her client's bedroom. "As tempting as covering the entire room would have been, we opted for a single feature wall in this small space to keep things serene and not overpowering," she shares.

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