Farmhouse table? Don't mind if we do.
Farmhouse Table
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It's easy to love a farmhouse table. Not only do they add substance and style to dining room design, they're also prime places to make memories with family and friends. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when deciding if a farmhouse table is right for you.

They are often leafless.

Every farmhouse table is a certain size—and some are only that size. Many do not come with leaves to widen or narrow their seating capacity. That's why it's imperative to evaluate your space and your needs. How big is the dining room? How many people will need a seat at the table on a daily basis? There are two rules here: 1. You need two feet of table per person to ensure a comfortable dining experience, and 2. You should leave at least 36 inches between the table and the wall for seating. If you have room for a farmhouse table and need ample seating, this may be the table you require. If necessary, you should look into options with leaves.

They're heavy.

Farmhouse tables aren't for the faint of heart. They're notoriously large and heavy. With that heft comes history and presence, and they make a distinct impact in a design scheme. However, if you're hoping to swap tables between rooms and make changes often, the farmhouse table may not be for you. Once placed, it's not always easily moved.

The bases vary.

If you want some flair with your farmhouse table, you'll need to take a look at the legs. While the tops of the tables are often similar—large blocks of varying shades, types, and conditions of wood—you can add real style at the base. The shape of the table's base or legs can make the piece look more old-fashioned, more sophisticated, or more modern, depending on the style.

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Are you in the market for a big, beautiful farmhouse table? Do you have one already? Let us know what you love about the style.