Every fall door needs a wreath.

Tamale wrappers create a hot look that's sure to spice up your entry. Simple corn husks are folded into loops for a ruffled effect that softens the straight lines of the paneled door. A bold chartreuse bow echoes the greenery in the pedestal urns.

Gather Your Materials:

  • 1 pack of tamale corn husks (from the grocery store produce section)
  • Bowl of water
  • U-shaped florist pins
  • 1 straw wreath form (Ours is 12 inches wide.)
  • 2-inch-wide, wired chartreuse burlap ribbon and 1-inch-wide, wired tan burlap ribbon

Get the Look:

Tear a corn husk in half lengthwise, and dip it in a bowl of water to soften it. Fold the torn husk in half so the ends touch. Push a U-shaped florist pin through both ends to attach it to the wreath form. Work one row at a time to cover the form, letting each row overlap the previous one. Repeat until the form is covered. Add a bow made of two different-colored ribbons, and hang with matching ribbon.

Take Care:

This wreath can last indefinitely indoors and for about a year outdoors if protected from rain and wind. To clean, blow off dust with a cool hair dryer. Store in a plastic bag in a cool, dark place.