Festive Fall Vases That'll Show Off the Colors of the Season

Rustic browns, adorable owls, and distressed ceramics beckon your best autumn flower arrangements.

etsy Fox Vase
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Welcoming fall means a few things for me: putting "All Too Well" on repeat, pulling out my two sweaters (this is my effort to build a capsule wardrobe), side-eyeing the long winter coat in my closet, stocking up on hot chocolate, and sniffing every single seasonal flower at the farmers market. Monet is attributed to having said he must have flowers, always, and the man isn't wrong. I need them, too. And, if I have flowers, I also need a vase. Vases, plural, if I'm feeling exuberant. The glass lemonade pitcher in my mother's cupboard and tiny mason jars are no longer cutting it (speaking from experience).

One of the reasons fall feels so refreshing is the color change. Sunny summer hues and spring pastels give way to rich shades that approach as gently as a leaf flutters to the ground on an autumn afternoon. The flower offerings change, too, and there's nothing like a good fall décor vase that'll show off those colors.

When shopping for a bud vase for fall flowers, I tend to favor earthier colors that will complement the rich baritones of this colorful symphony. However, it is just as important that they have year-round potential as well. Even though my fall vase might shine in season, out of season, I want to repurpose it for other blooms, too.

Here are some fall vase ideas that'll put your autumn flower arrangements on center stage and simultaneously assimilate into your home in all the other seasons. With warm terracotta, galvanized metal, sunset-colored glass, and fun animal friends all in the lineup, you're sure to find a vase that suits your home just so. Pick one up before your weekly farmers market run—betting you it's highly improbably that you'll walk away from the flower stand empty handed.

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Rustic Brown Vase

Rustic Brown Vase

Warm coppery tones on this earthenware vase invite some fall foliage to grace your mantle, dinner table, and sideboard. It adds a lovely farmhouse touch to your fall flower arrangements.

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Galvanized Vase

target Galvanized Vase

A little weathered and very charming, this tall vase will hold those last-of-the-season sunflowers and all those pieces of fall foliage that you can't resist.

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Distressed Ceramic Vase

Magnolia Distressed Ceramic Vase

We can't say no to anything in the Magnolia collection. This distressed vase will contrast well with deep burnt oranges, reds, and yellows—take it from spooky Halloween to elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece in an instant.

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Ana Paula Bud Vase

AUGUST SAGE Ana Paula Bud Vase
August Sage

Minimalist, but does the job—and mighty fine, if you ask us. These little vases (you can grab a set) allow any plant to shine thanks to their organic shapes and textures. Best part? The vases are handmade by local artisans in Guadalajara.

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Gold Metallic Vase Set

walmart Gold Metallic Vase Set

A little warm gold just says fall, don't you think?

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Antique Gold Watering Milk Jug

Walmart Antique Gold Watering Milk Jug

Looks antique without the typical antique price tag. We can get behind that.

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Spotted Ceramic Vase

Anthropologie Spotted Ceramic Vase

The texture of the spots gives the vase added depth and earthy feel. Coupled with the ceramic, it's just right for fall and the darker, warmer colors.

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Terracotta Vase

Afloral Terracotta Vase

This terracotta vase will catch the light of the autumn sun beautifully. Pop in a few pampas and other dried foliage for a front door arrangement that will wow your guests.

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Terracotta Ceramic Squiggle Vase

afloral Terracotta Ceramic Squiggle Vase

Love a little modern design? This terracotta vase has warm tones and a funky squiggle to keep your mantle interesting.

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Pink Ribbed Glass Vase

afloral Pink Ribbed Glass Vase

This soft, glow-y pink reminds us of the last sunset of summer. Ethereal, fragile, and full of longing.

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Embossed Black Glazed Stoneware Vase

afloral Embossed Black Glazed Stoneware Vase

Add a little drama to your tablescape with this embossed, glazed vase—it pairs well with an equally flamboyant floral arrangement.

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Nong Modern Vase Collection

etsy Nong Modern Vase Collection

These are fun ones in various squiggles and sizes, asking only for a similar curly q branch, perhaps with a dwindling leaf, to accompany it.

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Matte Textured Medium Boho Vase

etsy Matte Textured Medium Boho Vase

Matte is always a good idea for fall, with the muted, less exuberant tones as the world prepares for the slumber of winter. These little vases are great for small and medium arrangements, plus they don't need much greenery to look lovely.

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Orange Stone Mojave Glaze Vase

Orange etsy Stone Mojave Glaze Vase

This vase reminds us of an early winter sunset—five in the evening, intensely painting the whisps of clouds that dissipate into the rapidly-approaching twilight.

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Fox Vase

etsy Fox Vase

What better time to pull out the critters than to welcome autumn? This little fox is just begging for a dried floral arrangement, and he'll be happy all season long.

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Owl Vase

etsy Owl Vase

Not a fan of foxes? Owl bet this cute vase will catch your fancy!

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Pompeii Style Amphora Vase

etsy Pompeii Style Amphora Vase

Weathered, worn, textured. These'll sit beautifully in the late fall sun, dappled in light. We can see it already.

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Mushroom Vase

etsy Mushroom Vase

These cute little mushrooms need only the simplest of flower arrangements to add visual interest to your coffee table.

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