Erin Napier Warns To Not Skip The Swatch Step In Exterior Painting

Painting the outside of your home? Perk up your ears.

Big on the home renovation beat right about now? Before you pick up that paint brush, HGTV's Home Town star Erin Napier has some advice for you: When taking on an exterior paint project for your home, it's a must to take the time to paint some swatches on the side of your home before committing to a color.

Ben and Erin Napier Outside House
Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

Napier gave us a friendly reminder over on Instagram, writing, "Paint tip: if you're painting an exterior, never skip swatching! I swatched multiple colors for the Company Street buildings in Wetumpka during #HomeTownTakover, including these shades - Delightful Moon, Prussian Cadet, and Kitchen Tile Red," she shared, referencing her and Ben's new series, Home Town Takeover, in which the couple — along with the assistance of some famous friends ranging from Sheryl Crow to Food Network host Eddie Jackson — helps breathe new life into homes and businesses in Wetumpka, Alabama. "What looks good in artificial light will look MUCH different in the sun."

Indeed, it's a smart yet sometimes overlooked tip to take the time to test paint samples on your home's exterior before settling on the right exterior paint color. As Southern Living sister publication Better Homes & Gardens shared, "once you've narrowed down your possible exterior home colors to several choices, get color samples and paint them in large swaths. View them at different times of the day, in sun and shadow. If you still can't decide, 'hire a designer you trust or get a friend to look at your house with you,'" as color expert, designer, and author Maria Killam told the outlet. "We get used to the way our own house looks and don't notice the things that an outside observer would," Killam added.

Thanks for the intel, Mrs. Napier. We'll think of you when we find the perfect shade for our abodes.

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