Your neighbors will be swooning in no time.

Photography by Geoff Hodgdon
Photography by Geoff Hodgdon

1. Make It Inviting

Decorate your deck or porch with items that you would consider using indoors (just be sure they can withstand the elements) such as colorful pillows, lanterns, accessories, and unique lighting fixtures.

2. Make It Comfortable

Use seating such as sofas and secotionals and pair them with comfortable lounge chairs and ottomans. Make sure they are deep and have soft, comfy cushions. Don't froget to check that there is a table or surface within reach of all of your seating - your guests need a place to set the yummy appetizers and beverages you've prepared!

Photography by Geoff Hodgdon
Photography by Geoff Hodgdon

3. Make It Fit for a Party

Be sure you can accomodate a crowd with extra benches that you can pull up in a pinch!

4. Make It Structured

The best outdoor spaces have some type of "structure" associated with them. Bring everyone together under a pergola, canopy, or roof.

Photography by Geoff Hodgdon
Geoff Hodgdon

5. Make It Durable

Use only fabrics, furniture and accessories designed for the outdoors. Make your space last!