Simple changes create an elegant look in this petite bath.
Dramatic Face-Lift
A new sink and shower curtain transform this bath. The curtain is mounted from the ceiling and allows easy access to the shower door.
| Credit: Robbie Caponetto

Homeowners Katie and Al Vreeland decided that they were ready for a new look in the cozy bath that functions as a powder room on the main level of their residence. The existing pedestal sink was too formal for the rustic stone wall that is original to the house. And then there was the shiny brass shower door that only served to date the small space.

A room such as this one that seems so easy to update can often blow the budget. Removing the door was too costly for the couple's satisfaction, so design consultant Missie Neville Crawford went with plan B--the classic cover-up.

Simple Solution
For the shower curtain, Missie selected a canvas fabric to highlight the walls' warm tone. She mounted it from the ceiling and let it fall to the floor. This technique draws your eye up, visually enlarging the space. It also masks the brass door and covers the 8-inch-wide gap that exists between the top of the frame and the ceiling.

Stylish Sink
A favorite feature is the new, hammered-copper sink. This vessel-style bowl, sitting in an iron base and paired with an aged bronze faucet, ties in nicely with the stone accent wall in the room. The sink combines function with high style. Exposed pipes were given a coat of black paint to achieve the look of iron.

Decorative Finish
When it came to addressing the rock wall, Missie turned to faux finish artist Jody DuBois for help. The existing surface added interesting texture to the space, but the rustic look didn't blend with the room's other elements. After a glazing process to soften its appearance, the wall became more of a sculptural piece rather than an eyesore.

Designer Details
Other touches included hanging architectural drawings, installing recessed lighting, and adding a framed mirror above the sink. The drawings are accented with simple black frames that allow them to stand out on the plain wall. Because this is a secondary bath, storage wasn't really a concern.