Show off your collectibles with easy-to-install shelves.

Tired of walls looking empty and lacking interest? Even ordinary objects can be used as art to enliven any space. For example, a small shelf or wall bracket can serve as an elevated surface for exhibiting your favorite things. They lift statues and vases to eye level, drawing attention to the object and its decoration. As a result, lackluster surroundings go unnoticed.

A combination of brackets and accessories gives any empty wall a three-dimensional flair. Collectibles benefit grandly from this approach. We used colorful roosters to complement a bold mustard wall with a burst of color, style, and personality. And a ceramic plate perched on an aged architectural fragment invites a second glance, brightening an otherwise overlooked corner.

By adding depth and color, even in such small doses, you will dress up a plain wall. So, the next time you want to display a new object or an old favorite, don't just settle for an empty table surface. Consider looking to new heights.