Photo: Rush Jagoe

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Designer Of: Hand block-printed linens that are equal parts sophisticated and lighthearted.

Occupation: Owner, Pomegranate, Inc.

Her Start

Pomegranate was born 18 years ago when Angela and her husband made Kentucky their permanent home after living and traveling abroad in Africa and India. Angela says, "I thought, 'I could bring home the exotic textiles I've seen and design my own versions in Kentucky while living on a farm and raising a family.' " Today, she still starts her design process the same way. "It begins with me using anything I can get my hands on—calligraphy pens, rubber stamps, and even my children's pens and markers—to create."

What's Next

In addition to the recent debut of linens in new autumnal colors and prints, Angela plans to introduce a new line of home accessories, including pillows and quilts.

Free Advice

"Believe in yourself and your vision," she says. "There will be many ups and downs, but learn not to take it too personally. Enjoy the process."

Favorite Combo

Aviary Coral Tablecloth + Pom Pom Placemat in Lichen and Coral + Mini Ikat Napkin in Lichen. To shop Angel's current collection, visit

Photo: Rush Jagoe