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Home Base: Memphis, Tennessee

Designer Of: A line of DIY finishes that turn tired furniture into high-style pieces

Her Start After decades of overseeing furniture makeovers for her clients, interior designer Amy Howard introduced her own collection of finishes in early 2013. "I bottled the processes and procedures that I've refined over the years to show how easy it is to create beautiful new looks at home," she says. From Venetian plaster to gold leaf, Amy's products replicate high-end furniture styles such as elegant French antiques. Best of all, using many of the finishes is as easy as pulling out a paintbrush. "You can apply our One Step Paints directly on top of any surface, including metal and glass," says Amy. "You don't have to strip, prep, or prime!"

What's Next Look for Amy's new line of unfinished furniture, which provides the perfect canvas to test out all of her products.

What's Hot High Performance Furniture Lacquer paint in 14 colors, from $18 each.

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