Give ready-made curtains a custom look by simply adding ribbon and trim.
Designer Drapes for Less
Daisy trim runs along the panels' edges. Individual flowers, cut off the trim, are adhered to the curtain.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn / Styling and Project Design by Mary Leigh Fitts

ready-made panels (Ours have grommets at the top, but other styles will work.)
paper or cardboard
trim with a repeating motif
fabric or adhesive glue
ribbon (optional)

A one-of-a-kind window treatment doesn't always involve an expensive trip to the seamstress. Take a ready-made curtain, and spice it up using ribbon and trim without any sewing. Choose trims that work with your room's color palette and the look you want--elegant, casual, or fun.

Step 1: Place panel on a flat surface, such as a dining room table; use a layer of paper or cardboard underneath to protect the table.

Step 2: Measure the length of the leading edge (edge that will hang at center of window), and cut trim to fit.

Step 3: Using fabric or adhesive glue, attach trim along the edges. Take your time to make sure the trim is straight. Keep a towel handy to wipe up any excess adhesive.

Step 4: Cut individual daisies or other shape off of trim to place on the panels. For the first row, daisies were glued at vertical intervals of 12 inches and placed 6 inches from the leading edge all the way to the bottom. For the second vertical row, the daisies were glued between those in the first row, and placed 6 inches to the side. Alternate this arrangement along the whole panel. Place them closer together or farther apart, if desired. Try pinning the pieces on first to see if you like the placement.

Step 5: (optional) If your curtains have grommets, hang the panels by simply cutting ribbon and slipping it through the holes. Tie ribbon to a rod using either a knot or bow. Consider alternating kinds of ribbon; here, purple satin is paired with wired organza.

Designer Drapes for Less
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