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That Special Gift
With a few more minutes and a little bit of creative fun, you can make your gifts unique and individual.Don't bother buying more boxes of gift tags. Just recycle last year's Christmas cards. Cut them into simple shapes, and use a grommet-maker or hole punch to add a small hole at one end or corner. Thread twine through the hole, and tie to the gift for a creative look.Instead of buying another roll of wrapping paper, make your own. Use stamps and paint to transform recycled kraft paper. It'll save you money, help the environment, and add memorable personality to every gift you give.

Gifted With Counterspace
Page 60: Architecture by Bruce Lanier, AIA, LEED, Standard Creative, Birmingham, www.standardcreative.com or (205) 595-8181; contractor was Hunter Jackson, H.C. Jackson Company Contractors, (205) 251-9441; plumbing by V & W Supply Co., (205) 324-9521; tile by Kenny & Company, (205) 323-5616.

Around Your Home: Ideas You Can Use
Page 68: Monogramming by Laurie Gibson, Cherry Zebra, e-mail cherryzebra@gmail.com.

In Good Cheer
Pages 106-117: Designer is Stephen Campbell, lacoste66@gmail.com; lanterns are from Pottery Barn, www.potterybarn.com; red birds are available from www.barnardltd.com and crafts stores; button pins are from http://buttons.cafepress.com; laundry pins are from www.steinlaufandstoller.com; garland and tree are from www.gardensoftheblueridge.com; Hunter Wellies are available from www.shopbop.com or www.hunterboots.com; birch logs are from www.wilsonevergreens.com; basswood country rounds and planks are from www.walnuthollow.com; galvanized containers are from www.areohome.com; gift wraps are Cardinal Bird Gift Wrap and Scottish Tartan Plaid Gift Wrap from www.acornspring.com.

Party Starters
Pages 118-127: Designer is Sarah Jernigan, Sarah Jernigan Designs, Inc., (205) 250-9075 or e-mail sjdesigns@bellsouth.net; ribbons for the tree from Tatum Ribbon Designs, Inc., www.tatumribbon.com (D); wrapping paper and ribbons from Midori, www.midoriribbon.com; Santas from Lynn Haney Collection, available through www.hollyhocksgifts.com; stamps and stamp pads from Three Designing Women, www.threedesigningwomen.com; glass serving pieces from AnnieGlass, www.annieglass.com.

Grand & Gracious
Pages 128-139: Designer is Carole Sullivan, Lagniappe Designs, Inc., Birmingham, (205) 870-5061.

Merry Morning
Pages 140-149: Designer is Christopher Carter, Christopher Glenn Inc., Birmingham, www.christopherglenninc.com or (205) 870-1236; burlap bags from Alabama Bag and Burlap Company, Inc., Birmingham, (205) 595-6116; succulents and other plants are from Sweet Peas Garden Center, Homewood, Alabama, www.sweetpeas.net or (205) 879-3839; ribbon is by Midori, www.midoriribbon.com; ivy wreaths and topiaries are from Schubert Nursery, Inc., Salinas, California, www.schubertnursery.com or 1-800-410-7111; boxwood garland and magnolia wreaths are from The Magnolia Company, Barberville, Florida, www.themagnoliacompany.com or 1-877-327-9010; fresh flowers are from Cut Flower Wholesale, Atlanta, www.cutflower.com(404) 320-1619, and Davis Wholesale Florist, Birmingham, (205) 595-2179; floral supplies are from Davis Wholesale Florist, mini grapevine wreaths were purchased from Hobby Lobby, www.hobbylobby.com; terra-cotta planters and copper watering cans are from Christopher Glenn Inc.; hanging lanterns were purchased from Pottery Barn, www.potterybarn.com.

Start With Sparkle
Pages 150-159: Designer is Jon Martinez, Bloom, Homewood, AL, www.bloomontheweb.com or (205) 879-7673.