Slipcovers aren't just for chairs anymore. See how a little fabric adds a splash of personality to this room.
Cozy Space for Guests (PROMO)

Guestrooms are a luxury and a challenge. Usually when you are redecorating a room, it's for a specific person. So when it comes to this space, do you call all your friends and family to get their opinions? Well, not quite. Designer Janie Molster offers some helpful hints to add character to bedrooms that guests will adore.

Get Inspired
Starting from scratch can be difficult. Find a favorite fabric or item that you can build a room around. A pair of antique quilts were the inspiration here. With the mix of bright colors in the blankets, it is easy to pull a paint color or coordinate accent fabrics. A soft sage green on the walls acts as a neutral backdrop for the vibrant red-check material used on the bed and draperies.

Simple Solution
The headboards, upholstered in an inexpensive muslin, have a scalloped top, which is repeated on the bed skirt and drapery panels. Slipcovers are a great way to add color to a room; they can easily be removed for laundering. Tip: Be sure to use preshrunk fabric to ensure a good fit. Ties running down the sides secure the cover and provide a nice detail.

Clean Slate
Janie selected white matelassé coverlets for the beds. She encourages people to use white bedspreads to offer a clean, crisp backdrop to the other fabrics in a room. "White coverlets are ideal because they can be thrown in the washer, bleached, and then look brand new," she says.

Final Touch
The beds are complete with the addition of red crewel pillows. By definition, crewel is the application of a variety of stitches to the surface of material following a design. The bulk of the fabric in the room was inexpensive, allowing a little splurge on the more expensive pattern. "The crewel really pulls the whole room together, and only using it for the pillows didn't make much of a dent in the budget", explains Janie.

Don't be afraid to accent a room with a bright color--especially in a guestroom. It is the easiest way to add personality to a space. You are less likely to tire of bold tones in a room that isn't used as much as others in the house. With a comfortable room like this, your guests are sure to feel right at home.